Daikin-McQuay Rebel Rooftop Unit First to meet DOE’s RTU Challenge

We are proud to announce that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has named Daikin McQuay's Rebel rooftop unit system as the first to meet the DOE's Rooftop Unit (RTU) Challenge for energy savings and performance. This announcement highlights Daikin McQuay’s continued commitment to cost efficient and energy saving solutions for our clients. 

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IDDeX Data Center Hybrid Cooling System

Energy Labs IDDeX System: World Class Energy Efficiency with No Sacrifice In Reliability

Our partner, Energy Labs continues to trail-blaze in green energy with the development of the IDDeX (Indirect & Direct Evaporative, Direct Expansion) DATA CENTER HYBRID COOLING SYSTEM. This new system allows data center operators to achieve unprecedented PUE's in the range of 1.2 or lower.

With all of the equipment located outside the server room, the need for "under-floor" access is eliminated, opening up server room space (previously used for CRAC units) for revenue generating use. Also, with maintenance activities completely outside the server room, security and contamination risks are greatly reduced.

The Energy Labs IDDeX Data Center Hybrid Cooling System is truly world class energy efficiency with no sacrifice in reliability.

For a full brochure, click: IDDeX Data Center Hybrid Cooling System

"Energy Labs was Green before Green was cool"

BROAD U.S.A. -- paving the future of Airport Electric Grid Independence & Modern HVAC Design

BROAD U.S.A. has just led the way in renovating John Wayne Airport (SNA, Orange County, California) with affordable Combined Cooling Heating & Power (CCHP) Absorption Units. Absorption units provide a great solution to affordably cool buildings both directly and indirectly with waste heat recovery. By directly burning natural gas on site, as opposed to only utilizing grid power for HVAC applications, most buildings can dramatically lower their Carbon Footprint while reducing the cost to operate the building.

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