DMG Corporation was founded in 1967 by Al Dokter, Don Miller, and Bill Gebbie — to represent the finest HVAC products in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since then, DMG has steadily grown from a partnership of three into a thriving sales team of over 100 members. Starting with our first president, Bill Gebbie, through the tenures of Bob LeClercq, George Orff, Ron Sweet, and now under our current president, Steve Weston, the focus of DMG has remained the same: offering our clients personalized engineering support and project management, while providing equipment and services which best fit their HVAC needs.

Our Engineers are available to work with you (the building owner, consulting mechanical engineer, mechanical contractor, architect or acoustical consultant) on the design, selection, delivery, commissioning and training of mechanical equipment, while our highly-knowledgeable technical assistants and support staff are ready to field any questions or requests.

DMG has broadened partnerships with manufacturers to be able to provide solutions on a wider range of projects. We have expanded our team of Sales Engineers and technical support staff every year, and are headquartered in a 67,000 sq. ft. facility in Orange, California – ready to tackle any project.

In 2005, DMG Parts was created in response to your call for faster support and easier access to replacement product parts. Also, due to increasing demand, our warehouse is continually re-stocked so that you have immediate access to Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) — always ready for pick-up and delivery. Plus, we now stock VRV equipment and accessories in our Orange warehouse.

Our core focus is customer care, and we aim to deliver!

DMG office Orange, CA