HVAC Design For Indoor Air Quality

Optimal Health, Comfort, and Energy Efficiency

3d Model of an AHU

We can improve the Indoor Air Quality in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Optimal temperature and humidity, adequate filtration, and proper ventilation are all proven solutions to achieve quality indoor air.

1. Ventilation

Use an Air Flow Measurement Station (AFMS) to ensure optimal fresh air ventilation across all airflow rates.
Utilize zone level alerts.

2. Energy Recovery  

Exhaust stale building air while recovering energy.
Options include: rotary wheel, fixed plate exchangers, heat pipe systems, and pumped run-around.

3. Filtration 

Pre-Filters – Initial Stage Media, Various Efficiencies.
Advanced Filters – High Efficiency Media, Activated Carbon.

4. Coil Treatment

Constructed with special materials and/or provided with protective coatings to limit microbial growth. Ultraviolet Light (UVC) for surface treatment of coil and condensate pan.

5. Dehumidification

Cooling coil provides primary humidity removal.
Re-heat options to avoid over cooling are available.
Options for run-around, precooling, reheating systems.

6. Humidification 

Technologies for increasing and maintaining healthy levels of humidity: steam, adiabatic / evaporative, and atomizing.

7. Final Filtration  

Added stage of protection in the AHU, up to 99.99% HEPA.

8. Sterilization / Purification

Application of advanced technologies for air treatment of biologicals, chemicals, smoke, and/or odors.

Ahu diagram

• Room pressure controls for critical spaces

• Localized humidifiers – electronic, steam, atomizing technologies with or without blowers 

• CO2, occupancy, and others sensors enable smart buildings

• HVLS fans increase circulation for proper air changes, increased air movement enhances occupant comfort

Top 10

AHU Design Tips

  • Quantity and size of fans
  • Electrofin coated (UV resistant) coils
  • UV light downstream of cooling coil
  • Wash down construction with floor drains in each section
  • Moisture eliminating OA pre-filter (Califog or equal)
  • Airflow and humidity measurement 
  • Empty filter section for future HEPA or Carbon application
  • Wash down liner
  • Welded filter frames with positive seal
  • Oversized drain pans


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