Training is available through DMG for the majority of our product lines. This includes LG Certification Training at the LG Factory Training Center in Orange.

Below is a sample of training offerings, which are postponed at this time. Please check back for updates, when ‘normal’ work schedules resume.

DMG offers classes on LG product training and installation, AAON products, and many more.

LG LATS Training

What We’re Covering:

The class will include a product overview an overview of LG’s design software: LATS (LG Air Conditioning Technical Solutions).


1) LATS Multi V software requires a laptop computer capable of Running a current Windows OS.

2) You will need a functional LATS software version; you can download it here.

Yasakawa Z100 HVAC Drives Training

What We’re Covering:

Provides technicians and engineers with the training and testing required to become a Yasakawa Z100 HVAC Certified Startup Specialist.

Class Format:

Combination of lecture and hands-on demonstrations, 4 hour class with breaks.

Class Topics:

Drive Sizing and Selection, Start-up Programming and Wiring, Inputs and Outputs, Monitoring, Drive and Bypass Fault Codes & Solutions, Software, and More.

LG Service 101 – Error Codes & Troubleshooting

What We’re Covering:

LG’s main and sub PCBs. Enrollees will learn the part each component plays in a correctly operating LG Multi V™ system. The instructor and class will discuss indoor and outdoor electrical connections and their interrelationships. The session will guide participants through physical access to all major functional components along with practical guidance concerning the service and maintenance of LG Multi V™ equipment.


1) Laptop PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 with a web browser of Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher with a minimum of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word installed.

2) LGMV software – DMG North will assist in obtaining and loading this software.

LG Installation Essentials

What We’re Covering:

The manufacturer’s guidelines for installing the piping and wiring systems connected to the indoor and outdoor LG Multi V™ air conditioning equipment.


1) Advanced technical knowledge of commercial a/c, heat pump, and applied systems.

2) Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.