DMG San Diego

Providing expert HVAC equipment design & sales for the commercial, biotech, educational, medical, military, and hospitality industries.

We are the first choice for Engineered and Custom HVAC solutions. Our experienced team of Sales Engineers partners with architects, mechanical engineers, and contractors to design and deliver the highest quality HVAC equipment available in San Diego.

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The DMG San Diego office specializes in:

  • High efficiency HVAC applications
  • Commercial, public, and government facilities
  • Design and installation
  • Services and controls
  • Support through parts and repairs

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  • Custom AHU
  • Semi-Custom AHU
  • DOAS, VAV, CAV, Self Contained
  • DX, Hydronic, Gas Fired


  • Extensive Range of Indoor Units
  • Simple Controls, Third Party, Central
  • Single Phase Heat Recovery
  • Full BMS, AHU / EEV Kits, Hydro Kits


  • Customizable RTU Equipment
  • Packaged RTU & Split Systems
  • Water-Cooled VAV
  • Water-Source Heat Pumps
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Classroom Units


  • Water, Air and Evap Cooled Chillers
  • Hydronic Boilers
  • Cooling Towers, Fluid and Dry Coolers
  • Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Chillers


  • Plume Exhaust Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Fans
  • DOAS, MAU, Heat Vent Units
  • ERV / HRV, HVLS, Exhaust


  • Air Flow Measuring Stations
  • Fan Array Airflow & Temp.
  • Room Pressurization
  • Water & Gas Metering
  • Non invasive options


  • Wide Variety of Solutions and Applications
  • Latest in Sustainable Refrigerants
  • Modular Replacement & Retrofit
  • Heat-Pump & Heat-Recovery
  • Thermal Storage Load Management

Acoustics & Air Treatment

  • Innovative Sound Reduction Strategies
  • Air Purification Technologies
  • Ultraviolet System Protection
  • Pre-Insulated Duct Products for Challenging Conditions